Kohala Aina Festival 2016 Performance:

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A few photos from “Symbiotica, The Synergy of Cooperation” Summer 2016.

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Lavaroots Company pictured above: Jeannie-vie Woods, Debra McGee, Adrienne VanBerg, Michál Anna Carrillo, Ali Caputo, Michelle Ayau, Leslie Nugent, Madeline Sofranc.

Photos from Spring 2016 show, “Mystique Du Plastique, A Folly of Plastic Unwrapped” Directed by Michál Anna Carrillo, written by Michál Anna Carrillo, Lavaroots Junior Company and Jan Salerno.

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Lavaroots HUB Keiki Hip Hop Girls!







Lavaroots Junior Company pictured below:

A few Mahalo letters and pictures from the students at Halualoa Elementary School after “Yankady” 2014 in-school performances.

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