The Roots of Hip Hop from Mahi’ai Creative on Vimeo.

Around the World – Summer Arts Camp 2013 from Mahi’ai Creative on Vimeo.

Lavaroots Summer Arts Youth Program

For the last 6 years Lavaroots Performing Arts has created and executed the fabulous Summer Arts program in North Hawaii under the direction of Michal Anna Carrillo.  The program brings natural sciences and the arts together in a fun and educational setting allowing the children to access their own creativity, explore their imaginations and use focused intention to create beautiful works on and off the stage. The program participants are ages 6-12, with a select few Jr. Assistants ages 13-15 in leadership mentoring positions. The Staff includes Upper High School/College aged assistants and Adult Empowered Leaders. Summer Arts brings in a number of high level Masters in their field to share and teach the children under the theme for the year. Each year is different, and culminates with a wonderful performance on the Kahilu Theatre Stage.

We invite you to have your child join us for a artistic adventure in dance, music, culture, nature and the arts! Summer Arts is partnered with Kahilu Theatre Foundation and partially hosted at the Waimea Country School.  Summer Arts is generously supported by The Dorrance Family Foundation.



 Educational Outreach to Big Island Schools

Lavaroots Performing Arts is dedicated to bringing dance and music to the youth of our beautiful island.  Michal Anna Carrillo has been a teaching artist in the schools through the Big Island Dance Council for the last 8 years.  These dance programs usually entail 6-10 weeks of weekly classes for grades k-8 where children have the opportunity to learn a routine and present it to their school and community.  This kind of programming not only builds confidence and self-esteem, bus also promotes left and right brain integration and gives the children a deeper foundation for learning other subjects that they will encounter in their schooling.

Currently over 1500 students are served through our educational outreach programs in Big Island Schools, our intention is to expand our programming to serve more students which is made possible by receiving the generous support of our community.  If you are interested in supporting our youth programs please contact us at