Sacred Union Within Women’s Retreat


Join us for a transformative retreat!

We are so excited to provide this nourishing container for expansion and deepening into True Self.  All offerings are founded on the principles of Unity to support inner healing. The opportunity to release old programming, patterns, limitations, ancestral miasmas and bring oneself into wholeness. Moving from a platform of love, we will explore heart centered practices to embody Freedom and help one to know thyself.  The time to be whole is NOW.


MODULE TWO: JULY 12-14 (pre-requisite Module One)

Michal Anna Carrillo and Terra Sutton (bios below) bring decades of healing experience to create a dynamic individual and collective journey and safe space for essential expression.  Guest Practioners will help weave further unfoldment and awareness through sound and movement in the magical setting of the Living Light Studio, located five minutes from the quaint historic downtown of Hawi, Hawaii (Big Island). Nutritious delicious locally sourced vegetarian meals are included Friday dinner through Sunday lunch.

These are small, intimate retreats with just 12 spots available each weekend. Please reserve as soon as possible. We are happy to speak with you about any questions you might have. Please reach out if you would like to talk. Michal Anna (808) 987-4243  and Terra (808) 896-0074

Full Weekend Fri. 2pm – Sun. 4pm no overnight : $500 early registration ( regular price $550)
Full Weekend Fri. 2pm – Sun. 4pm camping on site: $550 early registration (regular price $600)
Two Glamping Tents with airbeds available for an additional  – first come first serve – text Michal Anna  

Register HERE



Learn foundational tools, experience clearings, chakra activations and powerful bodywork modalities.





Allow your spirit to be danced by skillful crystal bowl sounds that elevate, integrate and center your entire being as you are actively guided into realms of dynamic release and energetic reconfiguration.




Enjoy your body as you unfold, open and move from your inner depths out through your toes.




Together we will create a sacred space of connection and intention where we experience and cultivate an active relationship with Nature, Source and Self.



Vibrant organic meals, supplemented with high velocity superfoods, will nourish our bodies from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.  Please let us know in advance if you have any food allergies or sensitivities.  We will do out best to meet your needs.



If you live near by, you can go home nightly. If you would like to camp we are offering simple amenities. Bring your own tent & bedding. Shower and purified water available. Electricity for charging phones etc.
If you would like the “Glamp Package” for the two nights, there are two available. Each standing room tent, has a double airbed and small table.  Additional $50.

Any questions please reach out!  808 987-4243 or




Michál Anna Carrillo, Overall Retreat Facilitator

 is a lover of this life, the ever unfolding expansiveness of deepening into the divine & experiencing joy on the planet. Whether it be through healing bodywork, spiritual counseling, energy clearing, teaching dance, directing or performing, Michál Anna brings the essence of love, connection & presence to her work. In turn, helping others to do the same.

Michál is the Director & Founder of Lavaroots Performing Arts (22 years), Vice President/Development Director of The Kissidugu Foundation (11 years), the Director of LR Summer Arts Theatrical Program for children (14 years), a thriving licensed Massage Therapist/Healer (25 years) and a former Teaching Artist in Big Island Schools ( 14 years).

Healing & Performing Arts have been a way of life for her since she was a small child, and the fusing of the two is truly what makes her sharing so unique. Speaking light language since the age of 10, and often found counseling others as a teenager; her gifts lie in helping people “peel away the layers of the onion to reveal the brilliancy of that which lies within.” While cultivating passion, self-love, confidence, acceptance & creativity.

As a licensed therapist on the Big Island since 1999, Michál has had opportunity to engage in over 15,000 hours of healing work with clients from all over the world. Her work is authentic, intuitive, multi-dimensional and transformational. She helps one to removes blockages, clear pathways, be empowered, love the self and become a Lighthouse. She offers long distance and in person quantum energy healing sessions, as well as bodywork when in person. The time to be whole is NOW.  Michal Anna resides on the Big Island of Hawaii, where she has lived for the last 25 years. Infinite Thanks to the Beloved Creator.


Terra Sutton, Overall Retreat Facilitator

Originally trained and licensed in New York City as a massage therapist and fitness trainer, Terra Sutton brings over thirty dynamic years of bodywork experience, including holoenergetic healing, therapeutic massage, fitness training, and Bowenwork® to share in her practice and with students.  Inspired at an early age by the ability to effect change in people’s bodies, restoring mobility and reducing pain, Terra pursued a career in manual and energetic therapies, offering a blended approach to structural bodywork. With Love as the core principal, Miss Sutton has deepened her practice over the years as a teacher, leader and ceremony space healer, enjoying the moments of transformation as participants step closer to and into their full energetic and conscious potential.



Leilani Silver, Sound Healing

My mission is to share soothing sounds for mind, body and spirit. I use positive intention, vocal toning and the sounds of a heart focused chakra set of 432 hz Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls. The tremendously powerful frequencies instantly reduce stress and tension and create a relaxed and meditative state that supports balance and healing.


Jamie Belmarez, Yoga

Jamie Eversweet Belmarez is a licensed massage therapist and certified yoga teacher working in the field since 2001.
Jamie likes to attend to the source of imbalances rather than “chase the pain” or “fix” people. She has a dynamic practice and is committed to working with you to release and balance.

Jamie was initially certified as a yoga instructor in 2001 by Ganga White and Tracey Rich at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara. Since then she has studied under numerous teachers including Donna Farhi and Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, but some of her greatest lessons have come from her own body-mind, her child and her students. Influenced by Tantra, Kundalini, therapeutic yoga, sacred texts, non-duality as well as her own divine experience, Jamie is most interested in assisting students trust themselves and to move towards self-initiation on the path to embodied light and joy.

Whether involved in yoga or massage, Jamie believes in “allowing what is” to initiate the path to healing and is committed to helping you discover what this means for yourself.


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